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Spiritual Readings and Reiki

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In this time of uncertainty, it’s no wonder we seek answers and guidance from many sources. Bitchy Witchy may not give you the answers you want to hear but she is here to guide you.


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Spiritual Readings


Spiritual readings are just that, spiritual.


To me, spiritual means whatever that means to you. It is what you are drawn to, what gives energy to life. For example, I often say I need to go to “Church”, and I take a hike or a walk on the beach. In my opinion, that is very spiritual. Whatever you believe in, whatever you are comfortable with, is spiritual to you. Perhaps you don’t know what spirituality means and don’t know where to start. This is just fine, it is all just part of the journey to discovery.

I feel that my purpose is to convey those messages to you from a source I do not fully understand. Nevertheless, the information comes through. If we work together, we can decipher the message you need to receive.


20 Minute Reading $25

One-Hour Reading: $75

Available for parties and multiple readings.

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A Reviving Experience.


Reiki translates to rei, Japanese for spiritual, and ki, Japanese for energy, spiritual energy. Everything has energy, from a rock, to furniture, to humans. People have different names for this energy and among many, I refer to it as Chi. You may refer to it however you desire; auras, electromagnetic energy, life force, or maybe you don’t believe in it at all (as mentioned, this is just fine). My simple explanation of Reiki is the using of the life force to balance any blockages causing the Chi to not flow freely.


You can correspond this to balancing your Chakras. I try to make this as simple to understand as possible and while I don’t completely understand it, I do believe there is something there that needs maintenance. See for yourself and allow me to use the combined energy of my Chi and your Chi to align what is out of balance. You will come out of a Reiki session much more relaxed and even invigorated.

One-Hour Session: $60

See for yourself how reviving an experience this is.

Call (949) 464-7643 for discounted rates and promotions.


Why Witchy Bitchy?


Readings that are straight to the point, with no B.S.


I was born and raised Beth Nicolai in New Hampshire and am now a "San Clemente Native”. I have lived in this beautiful village by the sea for the past seventeen years and have two amazing children. I have been giving spiritual readings for over twenty years after bing first introduced to Tarot by my good college friend and have loved it ever since! I prefer to work with Oracle cards, because within that moment, there is a better feel as to how the cards relate to that person.

I'm not your average reader and if you're looking for some mysterious hocus pocus reader, then I am not the guide for you. My readings are straight to the point, with no B.S. My belief is that the cards do not tell you anything you don’t already know, yet they may allow you to realize what you may not be paying attention to. No matter what your question, thought or idea, the universe will tell you what you need to know. Bitchy Witchy is here to guide you.



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